This Revolution is Being Tweeted

My “conversation” with Chris Heuer of Social Media Club fame says it all:

Wow. what do u think? RT @chrisheuer: Connect to #Badgeless2012, FB and the Web #eventprofs

@michellebruno a great thing about this country is the freedom to associate / assemble. Doesn’t mean we dont respect events, just a reality

@chrisheuer here’s the difficulty 4 me tho–SXSW folks spent 25 years building and promoting an event that you will now take advantage of

@michellebruno very similar to the challenges many face trying to sustain associations. People can use socnet group features for free…

@michellebruno I am part of a non-profit association, its tough to realize people can just create their own groups too. #WorldHasChanged

@chisheuer nonprofs make up a large part of our profession so totally understand but still intrigued by your logic

@chrisheuer can you rationalize the rewards with no risk practice as freedom to associate?

@michellebruno hardly taking advantage of, we’ve, and I’ve been a big supporter for years. making $500 to support a non-profit cause…

@chrisheuer perhaps a better Q 4 you is could SXSW have done anything to bring you into the “tent”?

@michellebruno the reality is there is a community of people that exists who are #badgeless2012 already

@chrisheuer not blaming you for the “movement” just wondering if you’ve considered what sxsw did to provide you with the oppty

@michellebruno its truly not against anyone, it’s for and about the alternative. we cover & promote the conference extensively, globally

@chrisheuer I come from the industry of event organizers and such a practice is difficult for us to swallow

@chrisheuer We are not all behemoths like sxsw–lots of entrepreneurs who makes lots of sacrifices to bring an event to fruition

@michellebruno I’ve invested plenty in putting on exceptional events which barely break even, I understand, doesn’t negate the power of tech

@chrisheuer I am more interested in how “we” could bring folks like you into our group so we could profit/exist together

@michellebruno that’s easy. don’t be antagonistic to community organizers, think of event as a platform & create pseudo API’s #badgeless2012

@chrisheuer as an org of exceptional barely breakeven events–do you have some understanding of how we feel?

@michellebruno we’re part of the event too, actively promoting it globally and encouraging people to come, covering it as media/journalists

@michellebruno make it easier for the related communities the event serves to participate, maybe #EPI not #API, Event Programming Interface

@chrisheuer pseudo APIs love the idea–explain.

@chrisheuer totally get your contribution–I am a blogger/journo too. BUT do you feel that your coverage is = to the investment of the org?

@michellebruno never said that. not the point. It’s at a much lower level of intention and organization, only an idea that connects people

@chrisheuer love the #EPI idea. What wld that look like? #eventprofs you following this?

@michellebruno dont have time or space here to elaborate. as a community organizer, have lots of insights into what is possible, necessary

@michellebruno only thought and spoken over the years, not my primary focus really, though it was brief

The Takeaway:  Maybe what the event industry needs is a good community organizer.










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